Master Amino Acid Pattern


Master Amino Acid Pattern


MAP™ is a dietary protein substitute that contains the MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern® (U.S. Patent No. 5,132,113) a unique pattern of essential amino acids in a highly purified, free, crystalline form. The discovery of the MAP™ is the result of 23 years of research by the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC), a leading research institution in the field of human nutrition.

the basic narrative of proteins (and nutrition, broadly) disseminated by the prevailing nutritional orthodoxy is totally awry. we require abundant essential amino acids in their purest form to repair cells––not necessarily proteins, which are a means to an end. the problem with a diet high in proteins historically has always been the nitrogenous waste factor––we get oxidative damage whenever we consume them, period. even the purest, healthiest dietary proteins we can find on the planet today generate something along the lines of 68 percent nitrogen waste. so when you consume high quality, organic grass-fed bison meat, for example, you're only assimilating about 32 percent protein––the rest is oxidative free radical damage, which ages us to the nth degree.

MAP generates 0.09 percent nitrogen waste. 0.09 percent. We get 99.91 percent assimilation––no fecal residue, oxidative damage, or any of the concomitant detrimental effects of protein intake from foods. what we do get is the beginning of the healing of our bodies––abundant, perfectly sequenced, purified, crystalline amino acids are absorbed directly into the lymph to rebuild muscle, skin, hair, bones, neurotransmitters, whatever.

if you happen to be vegan/vegetarian, you just found your secret weapon--shh don't tell your friends. okay fine, tell them, but only after they start to envy your totally enhanced physique. the best alternative to animal protein up until now has probably been bio-fermented, organic brown rice protein, introduced by SunWarrior some time ago when they came up with a propietary process that allowed us access to all of the amino acids in rice without the glucose sugar and other undesirable constituents. they managed a high amino acid assimilation yield from their starting rice substrate, but what SunWarrior's not telling you is that there are two metrics for determining protein assimilability--(a) digestibility and then (b) subsequent nitrogen utilization--and what SunWarrior has done is tout its high performance in (a) while totally ignoring (b). all animal-based and vegan proteins generate high amounts of oxidative damage and fecal residue, induce hepatic and renal fatigue. with MAP the biological expense algorithm is quietly inverted and skewed in our favor, resulting in dramatic rehabilitation of organs ay bee and cee. MAP is the highest quality, cleanest, most age-regressing amino acid product available in the world. replace as much of your conventional protein intake with this supplement. the product enters the bloodstream extremely fast, beginning to regenerate a compromised body within 23 minutes––access the studies via the links below. and ya, professional athletes are all onto this.

to build strength and repair cells in a complete way we probably require 0.8 grams of essential amino acids per pound of body weight a day. use this product as the central catalyst to assist you in that enterprise, but max out at 50 pills per day, and take no more than 10 within a 2-hour timespan. follow these guidelines and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. let this product take you higher—it's a veritable harbinger of the onset of a new nutritional paradigm that's about to revamp our collective human biology. sometimes we really do find the exquisite objects of our affection––sometimes the storyline is perfect. this is something out of a sy fy movie, corroborated and explicated in over a dozen Double Blind!™ scientific studies, fashioned out of enlightened, pure, functional, ego-less science, uncorrupted by dispassionate market forces, conceived in a distant corner of the world (miami lol).

is MAP safe? yes. MAP is consummately healing. it's free repair for the body. it breaks all the rules. superdose this forever.

Master Amino acid Pattern as sole and total substitute for dietary proteins during a weight-loss diet to achieve the body's nitrogen balance equilibrium. "Study results have shown that the use of MAP, in conjunction with the ANC/OMP regimen, has proven to be safe and effective by preventing those adverse effects associated with a negative nitrogen balance, such as oversized or flabby tissue, stretch marks, the sagging of breast tissue, increased hair loss, faded hair color, and fragile or brittle nails. Also prevented were those anomalies commonly associated with weight-loss diets, such as hunger, weakness, headache caused by ketosis, constipation, and decreased libido. The use of MAP in conjunction with the ANC/OMP also allowed for mean weight loss of 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) per week, achieved through reduction of excessive fat tissue and elimination of excessive water retention from the interstitial compartment."


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